Does Your Child

Explain the Facts of the Internet to Your Child by

Tell Them Not To


Learn Your Child's Internet Activities!!!

In the past few years, more than 10,000,000 children have gone “online” and many have had inappropriate encounters with strangers on the Internet. Some of these “meetings” have led to abusive, even deadly, encounters.

The “net” is here to stay! Most children have access to it – even if you don’t have a computer at home. They can “log on” at a friend's, at school, at cyber cafes. If you don’t know anything about the INTERNET, it is critical you learn now!

Most pedophiles know that children are “surfing” all day long. They can “lurk” in children’s chat rooms (web sites where written “dialogue” takes place between individuals and which are usually “monitored” by staff of the website) and convince them to “switch” to “private” chat rooms (unmonitored). They have been known to persuade children to meet them in person at some designated location.

For more Information call: Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office - 212.384.1000


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