Shootings and Shooting Victims Dropped by About 25% in Brooklyn in 2023, Accelerating Three-Year Decline; Homicides Down by 10%


Thursday, December 29, 2023

Shootings and Shooting Victims Dropped by About 25% in Brooklyn in 2023,
Accelerating Three-Year Decline; Homicides Down by 10%

Significant Decline in Gun Homicides, Total Serious Crimes Reduced by Over 5%

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez today announced that Brooklyn continued to make significant gains in public safety in 2023, with shooting incidents and victims both dropping by about 25% compared to the previous year. Those numbers translate to about 150 fewer shooting victims. Homicides decreased by almost 10% and overall index crimes declined by more than 5%. These encouraging statistics are part of years-long trend that reversed the spike in gun violence during the height of the COVID pandemic and reverted back to pre-pandemic territory, when such crimes were at their lowest in recorded history. The Brooklyn DA’s Office continued to focus on reducing violence by targeting violent street gangs, partnering with community-based organizations to prevent at-risk youth from becoming either perpetrators or victims of gun violence, and enhancing efforts to better prosecute gun offenses. It also continued its efforts to correct miscarriages of justice and to strengthen fairness and equity in the legal system.

District Attorney Gonzalez said, “It is gratifying to see the progress we are making in keeping Brooklyn safe. This past year, we experienced a marked reduction in gun violence with shootings and shooting victims declining by a full quarter and homicide decreasing by 10%. These are not just numbers; these are 150 fewer people suffering gunshot injuries that would have altered their lives forever. While every act of gun violence is one too many, we are on the right track with most other serious crimes also trending downward. These achievements are a testament to the joint effort among my office, the Brooklyn community, the NYPD and all other law enforcement and community partners. As we look to 2024, I am hopeful and confident that we can continue to make our borough safer and strengthen trust in the justice system.”

The District Attorney said that there were 337 shooting incidents in Brooklyn this year, down 100 or 25% compared to 449 in 2022. There were 147 fewer shooting victims – 397 compared to 544, or down 27%. There were also 15 fewer murders, or a 10% decline. The decrease in gun homicides was notable, with 10 fewer shooting-related homicides or 63% of total number of murders committed this year. This percentage is analogous to 2018 and 2019, when homicides in Brooklyn reached record lows and those involving shootings stood at 64% in each of those years. That ratio jumped to 80% in 2020 and 72% in 2021. The reduction in shooting related homicides is another indication of improvements in gun violence.

The most notable gains in public safety took place in Brooklyn North precincts, first among them the 73rd Precinct in Brownsville, where murders dropped by a whopping 67% (from 21 to 7) and shootings decreased by 30%. Shootings also declined in East New York (75th Precinct), by 32%, and Bedford-Stuyvesant (81st Precinct), by 47%. Greenpoint (94th Precinct) saw one shooting, compared to eight in the previous year (down 87.5%). The southern neighborhoods that experienced the biggest drops in shootings were Sheepshead Bay (61st Precinct), down 71.5%, and Coney Island (60th Precinct), down 55.6%. The number of shootings decreased in 18 out of the 23 Brooklyn precincts. And gun violence in public housing developments declined significantly with 41% fewer shootings and 42% fewer shooting victims.

The seven major index crimes (murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand theft auto) decreased in Brooklyn by 5.1% this year compared to 2022. Burglaries decreased by 18.4%, grand larcenies by 7.2%, reported rape by 6.1% and robberies by 4.2%. The only upticks, by about 2.5% each, were in felony assaults and grand theft auto. [These stats are based on the New York City Police Department’s preliminary CompStat reports as of 12/24/2023.]

The DA’s Office’s efforts to combat gun violence this year included the takedown of two rival street crews with the indictment of 32 alleged gang members. A central figure in one of the gangs was successful drill rapper “Sheff G,” who allegedly used his music industry earnings to bankroll and encourage acts of violence. The office also secured the conviction of a man who killed a gang rival, sparking the cycle of violence between the two groups. Other initiatives focused on prevention, such as support to a program that aims to reduce shootings by addressing domestic violence, engagement of criminal justice involved youth, and gun buyback events.

Brooklyn’s Conviction Review Unit continued its crucial work to correct past miscarriages of justice, exonerating three individuals over the course of 2023. They included a man who served 18 years in prison, having been arrested based on a witness identification of a different man with the same name; a man who pleaded guilty to murder but a reinvestigation revealed that another person was responsible; and a man who spent 35 years in prison for a conviction that was based on an unreliable witness.


An indictment is an accusatory instrument and not proof of a defendant’s guilt.