Statement of Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson on Call by New York State Attorney General to Act as Special Prosecutor In Cases of Fatal Shootings

“As the duly elected District Attorney of Brooklyn, I am adamantly opposed to the request by the New York State Attorney General for authority to investigate and potentially prosecute alleged acts of police brutality. No one is more committed to ensuring equal justice under the law than I am.

“Moreover, acts of police brutality are not only crimes against the individual victim but also are attacks on the communities in which they occur. Therefore, local prosecutors who are elected to enforce the laws in those communities should not be robbed of their ability to
faithfully and fairly do so in cases where police officers shoot, kill or injure someone unjustly. The people of Brooklyn have voted for their District Attorney to keep them safe from all crimes, including those of police brutality. The Attorney General’s proposal would override their choice
– and that should not happen.”